Dear Scottish People

Dear fellow Scottish Citizens of the United Kingdom,

Scotland is at the heart of and helping to create one of, if not the, worlds most civilised societies.

We enjoy prominence and security, shared with our family and neighbours in the rest of Great Britain, right at the centre of the Union.

Everything that successful and wealthy Scotland is today and what it has achieved in the past, has been as an integral part of this glorious Union.

Together we have introduced democracy to the world, formed and benevolently ended empires, banished slavery, led the industrial revolution, created the welfare state and the NHS, defended democracy and freedom in two world wars, while building a world power with incredible influence, reputation and economic success.

British citizenship and our passport gives us free and unparalleled access to the rest of the world, it really means something to be British.

We have enjoyed over 300 years of magnificent partnership, providing worldwide opportunity for Scots to become first class statesmen, economists, scientists, inventors, educationalists and engineers.

The vicious vocal negative minority seeking separation, denigrate our amazing history and joint achievements, they are trying to destroy our legacy and the potential of the next 300 years of shared achievements!

It seems unthinkable that a cadre of disaffected nationalists are prepared to throw all of the above away in the pursuit of power and myopic self interest, shame on them.

Don’t destroy the Union, stand together and make it better!

Sincerely yours,
Steve Sayers

Post Script: from my early days of Twitter involvement with #Indyref I advocated and believed the people of Scotland would reject nationalist separation, I am delighted this has turned out to be the case, with 62% of the electorate rejecting separation of the UK.

The rise of the 45 movements, increase in SNP members and the boycotting of anti separation businesses is, in my view, dead cat bounce, I can’t wait for the next general election and Scottish elections to see how an invigorated Scottish electorate responds.

It’s also very encouraging, especially post Brexit, to see the polls moving steadily against the seperatists.