About Me


I’m quite active on Twitter @SteveSayers1 (mainly coffee and gin pics, news & politics, plus I’m also agnostic and secular in outlook. Well I was quite active on Twitter, I’m currently suspended due to the activities of cybersadnat twitter trolls – see Twitter Twaddle

Currently tweeting from @SteveSayersOne

Very much pro UK & against Scottish separation. One of the 62% of the Scottish electorate who did not vote for separation 18/09/14.

I voted remain in the Brexit referendum, yet fully accept the democratic decision of the UK (Scotland did NOT have a separate vote).

Very concerned about the rise and spread of “fundamental” Islamism and its UK impact.

Amateur photographer (1.5 Million Flickr views), MY FLICKR

Amateur musician MY COMPOSITIONS

Sci-Fi and history fan, skier and boating enthusiast (Day Skipper) and I love travel.
Experienced business professional (FCMI), find me on LinkedIn.

I like golf too!


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