My apologies for this rather pointed critique of a specific individual, engaged in the social media “Scottish Independence Referendum” wider social debate. Apologies also for some of the crass language included in some of the images. Please read no further if bad language offends you too much.

Stuart Campbell is curator of a Scottish separatist website which is funded from public donations, it is located in Bath. Apparently there are specific reasons he resides there, you can find that out for yourself. The site claims to “soar above Scottish politics”, I leave you to decide if it does. Going by the “The Rev. Stuart Campbell” he has a full social media presence including Twitter and Facebook

He has attracted a certain notoriety for his, in my opinion, vicious attacks and his use of bad language on those holding opposite opinions to his. So much so he has his own dedicated Wikipedia page, describing him and his career as an electronics gaming journalist in some detail. He apparently has experienced legal problems in the past, representing himself in court, so I think fancies himself as a man of learning, all there if you wish to read it.

I came across him again while tweeting yesterday, when a particularly vicious tweet caused me great offence, I leave you to decide if that offence was unwarranted. Here is what made me get involed;

I had to respond;

You will see the response from him was screen captured, I subsequently used this image (hence comment at bottom) to expose his lack of moral integrity. Even hardened Yes men are now concerned re his activities;

Adding insult to injury, one of his delightful followers decided to support him;


There are of course Unionists who say unforgivable things, I abhor that, it’s just I find this “Wings” out-pouring of misleading “facts” and dreadful comments constant and unnecessary. I have no doubt he will continue in this vein, but in my opinion he has the opposite effect he desires, by demonstrating he and his ilk have a chip on their shoulders so big it make them walk round in circles.

Don’t quote me, but I understand some SNP politicians, including NS have retweeted him and that one SNP politician asked that the website be used as an information source for schoolchildren, nice eh?

In closing, it looks as though I am not the only one questioning this mans judgement, have a look at this blog, which seems to hold him in even more contempt than I do, if that’s possible.!&p=2721236&viewfull=1#post2721236

Steve Sayers – Utterly disgusted.