Wings Over Scotland

My apologies for this rather pointed critique of a specific individual, engaged in the social media “Scottish Independence Referendum” wider social debate. Apologies also for some of the crass language included in some of the images. Please read no further if bad language offends you too much.

Stuart Campbell is curator of a Scottish separatist website which is funded from public donations, it is located in Bath. Apparently there are specific reasons he resides there, you can find that out for yourself. The site claims to “soar above Scottish politics”, I leave you to decide if it does. Going by the “The Rev. Stuart Campbell” he has a full social media presence including Twitter and Facebook

He has attracted a certain notoriety for his, in my opinion, vicious attacks and his use of bad language on those holding opposite opinions to his. So much so he has his own dedicated Wikipedia page, describing him and his career as an electronics gaming journalist in some detail. He apparently has experienced legal problems in the past, representing himself in court, so I think fancies himself as a man of learning, all there if you wish to read it.

I came across him again while tweeting yesterday, when a particularly vicious tweet caused me great offence, I leave you to decide if that offence was unwarranted. Here is what made me get involed;

I had to respond;

You will see the response from him was screen captured, I subsequently used this image (hence comment at bottom) to expose his lack of moral integrity. Even hardened Yes men are now concerned re his activities;

Adding insult to injury, one of his delightful followers decided to support him;


There are of course Unionists who say unforgivable things, I abhor that, it’s just I find this “Wings” out-pouring of misleading “facts” and dreadful comments constant and unnecessary. I have no doubt he will continue in this vein, but in my opinion he has the opposite effect he desires, by demonstrating he and his ilk have a chip on their shoulders so big it make them walk round in circles.

Don’t quote me, but I understand some SNP politicians, including NS have retweeted him and that one SNP politician asked that the website be used as an information source for schoolchildren, nice eh?

In closing, it looks as though I am not the only one questioning this mans judgement, have a look at this blog, which seems to hold him in even more contempt than I do, if that’s possible.!&p=2721236&viewfull=1#post2721236

Steve Sayers – Utterly disgusted.


19 thoughts on “Wings Over Scotland

  1. Up until now I was a supporter of the wings website.However I find the abuse you have received is completely unacceptable.I could have excused it if an apology had been forthcoming as everyone has a bad day on the internet.I know,as I’ve been baited & insulted but nothing as bad as this.

    It’s a great pity that debate dissolves into quite nasty insults.

    Steve,you & I are on opposite sides of the indy debate but we have had warm conversations which is how it should be.

    Totally off topic,I’ve enjoyed looking through your photographs!


    1. Thanks Liz, there is an inability from some entrenched Yes supporters to accept regret, James disgraced himself, Wings is abhorrent, john Toms, whom I worry about, did eventually apologise publicly for lying, but it took tremendous effort and perseverance! Glad you like the pics πŸ˜€ Beats me why the coffee ones get views, but they get loads 😜 hope you keep looking and have a good week next week πŸ˜€


  2. Wings over Scotland leaves me in utter despair!! That Scots can subscribe to a man like this, even if they are ardent nationalists, I cannot understand it and I cannot understand why the SNP does not move to stop it, it is doing so much damage to Scotland . As a cancer sufferer, his post was personal to me and made it all the more hideous than a human being can wish this on another


  3. I think you saw Stu’s original comment as equating all cancer victims as spammers. :/

    From what I’ve seen, Stu isn’t a particularly nice person; he’s not afraid at all of offending people with an outrageously over-the-top remark. Still, who’s worse: the person who makes flippant and insensitive remarks about cancer, or the political system that dismantles the healthcare system that fights cancer?

    Sincerely sorry about your father. Thanks for the site – it’s good to see a defence of the Westminster government.


    1. I debated about writing the post, on reflection and based on his response directly to me and some research, I thought on balance it was the correct thing to do. I am concerned at the dubious feel and nature of indy output from the likes of Wings and Business for Scotland. I am even more concerned that they and Scotgov are motivated by nationalism and have no coherent post indy plans, in particular no tax and spending plans. They rely on accusations against the better together campaign and calling dissenters anti Scottish. I increasingly feel they espouse positivity hope and ambition whilst playing the underdog and being utterly negative in their philosophy. Great positive words with zero detailed operational backup.


    2. I should add that my defence is of the democratically elected representative government of the people of the UK which happens to be resident in the Palace of Westminster. Thanks for reading πŸ˜ƒ


      1. Can we abbreviate that to The DERGotPotUKRitPoW? πŸ˜‰

        Seems the debate boils down to how much optimism you can place in the DERGPUK. Who can run Scotland better: the government resident in Westminster or the government resident in Holyrood?

        My experience, living in the south of England for most of my life, has left me with no optimism at all for DERGPUK! All the UK parties are ideologically and procedurally identical; you get Thatcherism, or Thatcherism mixed with defunct command/control mentality, or Thatcherism with abandoned pledge cards promising the opposite, or Thatcherism mixed with racism. The Westminster government certainly does not represent me, so I left the country. But per the rules of adhocratism, it falls on me to campaign for real democracy and sound government in England rather than living a life of privilege and ease and sunshine and extraordinarily high wages on the other side of the world. I’m coming back to the UK for the first time in two years in July and I expect to be compelled to stay.


      2. No, that’s a shite acronym. UKGov will do πŸ˜‰ I was just being precise πŸ˜ƒ Why would any Scottish system be any better? And I’m not one who is horrified or ashamed of Maggie, the UK would be in deeper doodoo now if she had not been around. We do have real democracy, we just need the people to connect to it πŸ˜‰
        You coming back to where in the UK? What will compel you to stay? If you are campaigning for English sound government you will have a long wait, there is no English government, it was extinguished when Union formed.
        I wish you well in applying adhocracy to the political process, but it’s a bit too important to have a lack of permanency or coordination, it’s not a management practice I’m familiar with πŸ˜‰ sounds a bit inefficient.


      3. By English government, I mean the institution that governs England, which is DERGPUK, er, UKGov πŸ™‚

        My understanding of Thatcher, such as it is, is that she made some very necessary changes early on, but then went far too far in the same direction and her heirs have just continued to take the UK in the same path. I’m not enthused by the Labour governments before her either, and I hate strike action. I’m inspired by the centre-left policies of Scotland, and I’d like to see them continue to prosper, and I’d like to see them spread to the rest of the UK.


      4. Cool, help rUK by keeping that philosophy integrated with the UK, it will get lost in economic doldrums otherwise. Scotland wealthy now as part of UK, maybe no if Indy. Could even turn even more right wing when nats cock it up.


    1. I did, but as with most rubbish, I have a selective memory, vivid while I cant believe such tosh, then dumped after a few weeks πŸ™‚ In fact I cant even remember the bit with a reference to mummies or zombies, but as neither exists lets just say it was likely an insult regardless.


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