DIVORCING THE EQUAL PARTNER? (With a nod to Margaret).

DIVORCING THE EQUAL PARTNER? (With a nod to Margaret). If at times the UK seems excessively “English” to some Scots, it’s simply due to England’s greater population. From time to time some Scots (being from an historic nation with a proud past), will inevitably resent some expressions of this immutable fact. Is it equitable that … More DIVORCING THE EQUAL PARTNER? (With a nod to Margaret).

Why Scotland Can’t Afford The EU

From Mike Denham at the Adam Smith Institute AdamSmith.Org Mike’s Article Reprinted below; In the immediate aftermath of the EU Referendum the SNP reopened the issue of Scottish independence, arguing that since Scotland voted to remain, it should become independent and continue its membership of the EU. It’s since become clear that automatic continuation would not be … More Why Scotland Can’t Afford The EU

Sorry, First Minister, you don’t hold all the cards on indyref2

Originally posted on Stephen Daisley:
That’s it then, lads. Run down the Union Jack and up with the white flag. Faced with the dread prospect of another independence referendum, a gloom is settling over Unionist Scotland. The nationalists were only just subdued last time around; now they’re back and, armed with Brexit, certain to win.…

SNP tried to silence me. By @JournoStephen

Originally posted on Stephen Daisley:
The rise of nationalism around the world is a shocking, disorienting experience. Mainstream politics is under threat like at no time since the 1930s. Demagogues are coming to power, journalists face intimidation, once sturdy institutions and assumptions are collapsing like derelict tower blocks. The political character of entire countries is…

Sharing The Info

In order to get the message out as widely as possible, its important that any of mine or my guests posts that you like, are publicised to the fullest extent. You can help by sharing links to this Blog, or any of its posts, by copying a link and pasting into a tweet or Facebook post, … More Sharing The Info

Indyref2 and the EU?

Since the SNP lost its majority in Scotland (still the largest party of course) on the back of a  manifesto without a clear mandate for “Indyref2,” the ongoing tedious drip drip drip of a threat of it has continued unabated. The primary excuse for this threat is that Scotland is being “dragged out of the UK against … More Indyref2 and the EU?