As I’m “officially” back on Twitter and active again as @SteveSayersOne, the Twitter @ list below may be of interest.


My original Twitter account  (@SteveSayers1) had a policy of never blocking people, wasn’t easy, but thought it better to enter a dialogue/debate and be able to see what was being said by those I disagreed with, either to persuade them of my point of view or to refute lies spin and misdirection. (Wings block list certainly doesn’t help the free debate concept, now at over 4,700)!

As time went on my reasons for not blocking gained another facet, the more their angry and abusive arguments failed, the more they deflected and tried to make things personal, the more convinced I became they harmed their own cause, so it became a point of principle. If people saw their awful behaviour then my cause, Scotland remaining as the UK, benefited.

A nasty side to twitter is that when you are vocal and can back up your assertions via facts, research and logical argument (like some of those in my wider blog), you can be the victim of some very  extreme personal abuse in an attempt to shut you up. It seems the open nature of twitter, where you can search for subjects that interest you and join in the conversations, results in the less well informed blinkered Scottish nationalists switching, from failed logic and misinformation (often @WingsScotland or Business for Scotland sourced), to horrendous personal abuse because you have the temerity to disagree.

Scottish politics (the active little Twitter corner that I inhabit/inhabited), was/is rife with these trolls (cybersadnats), lying, spinning, abusing, harassing and so forth, in order to intimidate and shut down debate. It’s quite hard to keep track of who was genuine, whether outwardly anonymous or not, with a lot of Nats having multiple accounts to aid mass reporting and general abuse.

After Twitter introduced ‘mute” I did on occasion, in extremis, mute certain individuals for a day or two – it went against the grain, but was useful in preserving temper and sanity. My most muted account being the “delightful” @ScotsNat (after his account was suspended he now tweets as @DrScotRef – check his timeline back a few months, that’s if he hasn’t deleted it for the third or fourth time of course.

I never did get to the bottom of his obsession with me, as he lies, changes accounts, deletes whole swathes of tweets and sets up accounts like @Pappalazzaroo just to be vindictive (that account still open, but reclaimed after deletion I think). He is extremely odd, keeps dreadful company, like serial abusive, harassing, stalking troll Bill Brady (25 identities at least so far), @Widster now @ScotlandRab (was also @Sporan1314 and others), Mark Robertson (@RobbyCameron1 and others) etc., and is an all round sad excuse for a democratic citizen.

@ScotsNat kept blocking and unblocking me, repeatedly haunting my timeline and the timelines of those I interacted with, with no logical reason and for some sad purpose known only to him. It’s too aggressive and personal to purely be political. I’m going to be gracious and say its because he’s just incredibly stupid, although attacking my family (and the families of others) means with that level of stupidity and venom, he and I will never ever see eye to eye. As my new account was created, within hours he created a stupid parody @SteveSayers0ne. After having been forced to delete tweets he has now morphed it into the sick  @YoonAway. (He was not the only one to create a new smearing account).

(I posted a video of me on Twitter yesterday, the idiots were attempting to say my new account was not me.)

Due to ScotsNat’s “perseverance” at being a troll he, along with @TheBillBrady (multiple suspensions but now @WilliamBrady666) takes top billing in a list of cybersadnats, those supposedly Yes supporting Twitter accounts – who’s personal interactions are pure venom, inflicting ad hominem, lies and aggressive insults at the drop of a hat, you will recognise quite a few. Bill’s abusive account tally stands at approximately 25!

The regular type of cybersadnat trolling and abuse takes the following form (not all accounts are guilty of all transgressions, some are just generally extremely abusive);

Publicising private and personal data (doxxing) such as;

Name, date of birth, address, family details, business dealings, pictures of family, pictures of property, phone numbers and email addresses.


Accusations of child abuse. Accusations of owning accounts that are nothing to do with me just on a whim (think I have been nearly every prominent union supporting twitter user)! Accusations of criminal familial connections, accusations of racism, homophobia and of them having sexual relations with my family,


Physical violence, threats of trolling abuse on children, threats to property, threats to continue abuse and publication of private details for the next twenty years, threats to family with multiple emails sent to many employers (they don’t actually know where my son works) in an attempt to damage career, telephone calls from smokescreen numbers to threaten & harass, contacting schools to accuse parents of being unfit, in fact nothing is out of bounds for them

My advice is not to block or mute until such time as you experience them for yourselves, the aim of the lists is to act as a friendly warning so you can be on your guard, I hope to see you on twitter in due course. I’m operating @SteveSayersOne in a different fashion for a while, if you don’t follow me there, please do, it’s appreciated.

Check back occasionally for a list update.


I’m currently tweeting from @SteveSayersOne

Cybernats all, shame of the Yes movement.

James McGoldrick


@JohnToms became @RadioGuyGlasgow & @ComediansForYes
@Nobbyswizzle @sonofnobby @NorbertSwizzle

Mark “Claire” Robertson
@Robbycameron1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@robbycameronsc1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@clairerobsc1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@Clairerob1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@clairerob91 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@stevencloud11 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@stevencloud12 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@ashortbread Mark “Claire” Robertson
@SNPOot Mark “Claire” Robertson
@ihatesayers Mark “Claire” Robertson
@stevekinross Mark “Claire” Robertson
@stevesayerss1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@steveesayers1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@Brian_Spanner Mark “Claire” Robertson
@JennyLovesTits Mark “Claire” Robertson
@JakeyTrollin Mark “Claire” Robertson
@SteveSayersO Mark “Claire” Robertson

Bill Brady
@Sailor_anon Bill Brady
@TheBillBrady Bill Brady
@Anon_Sailor Bill Brady
@votescotlab Bill Brady
@tehvlb Bill Brady
@Mrdavidtorrance Bill Brady
@Bill_Brady007 Bill Brady
@SuspendedBill Bill Brady
@fat_shady666 Bill Brady
@Watchingtrolls Bill Brady
@leakstwit Bill Brady
@sirbillbrady Bill Brady
@BrianGalloway0 Bill Brady
@KnowsBill Bill Brady
@Bill_Bow7 Bill Brady
@SteveBr44949075 Bill Brady
@republican_scot Bill Brady
@lovelydevlin Bill Brady (I might have this one wrong).
@chiefbully Bill Brady
@welldonedonna Bill Brady
@TrumpIsMad Bill Brady
@TheBillBrady Bill Brady
@BillTheFinder Bill Brady
@BillTheFinder2 Bill Brady

@WilliamBrady666 Bill Brady

@MacPorridgeOats suspected Bill Brady

@ScotsNat ScotsNat
@f_farquar ScotsNat
@pappalazzaroo ScotsNat
@SteveSayers5 ScotsNat
@SteveSayers0ne ScotsNat
@YoonProducts ScotsNat

@JohnJonesYH ScotsNat

@DrScotRef ScotsNat


Others – may belong to some of the above.
@stevespinkhag used a bio pic (private) of my wife.
@teacheradamsayers (trolling my son and interfering with his teaching career).