Latest Scottish Indyref Polling Trends

  • Latest Poll added 13th June 17
  • NO 39% YES 53% UNDECIDED 8%
  • AVERAGE SINCE 18/9/14
  • NO 48% YES 44% UNDECIDED 8%



Screenshot 2017-07-03 12.03.46

Below are the blinkered nationalists types we have to deal with when communicating;


For a different “perspective” see these from @No2Indyref2 on Twitter. My data sources are in the “Handy Links” selection.

Screenshot 2017-07-03 12.06.08Screenshot 2017-07-03 12.04.59Screenshot 2017-07-03 12.04.48Screenshot 2017-07-03 12.04.21Screenshot 2017-07-03 12.04.14






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