Good grief, this is nothing to do with the child ‘s religion, how churlish.

Da Masked Avenger


One would have thought  the death of an 11 year old girl in a tragic amusement park accident would have been a relatively straightforward incident to report on: a short summary of what happened, the name and age of the victim followed by some comments from the park operators and friends and family of the deceased. And so, no doubt, it would have been had the victim not been Muslim.

Sadly, some saw the tragic demise of 11 year old Evha Jannath as an opportunity to vent their disdain for the victim’s faith and community.

The Daily Mail reported: “Muslim Girl, 11, dies in front of ‘shocked and screaming’ youngsters after falling into the water on Splash Canyon rapid river ride while on a trip from her Islamic school to Drayton Manor theme park.” So not only was she a “Muslim girl” but furthermore part of an “Islamic school” no…

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