Stephen Daisley clinically articulating the Scottish political landscape within the UK

Stephen Daisley

That’s it then, lads.

Run down the Union Jack and up with the white flag.

Faced with the dread prospect of another independence referendum, a gloom is settling over Unionist Scotland. The nationalists were only just subdued last time around; now they’re back and, armed with Brexit, certain to win. This year, Last Night of the Proms might be just that. Narrower still and narrower/Shall thy bounds be set.

I’m not so sure.

These are not times for reason; hyperbole is the new national mood and under-reaction an admission of apathy. Theresa May falls foul of a commentariat that demands blood, sweat and especially tears, preferably accompanied by a Twitter hashtag and celebrity retweets. The Prime Minister is rebuked for not scolding the American president over an obnoxious policy. On Brexit she is accused of dithering for failing to stick her negotiating strategy up on Facebook and branded callous for…

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