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The SNP & their social media mob, cybersadnats, are bullying monopolicypolitics indyatanycost thugs- see my original post Twitter And All That Twaddle

Stephen Daisley

8gto1qb0The rise of nationalism around the world is a shocking, disorienting experience.

Mainstream politics is under threat like at no time since the 1930s. Demagogues are coming to power, journalists face intimidation, once sturdy institutions and assumptions are collapsing like derelict tower blocks. The political character of entire countries is transforming almost overnight.

Nowhere is this more visible than in the United States. But viewers glued to Donald Trump’s presidency as if to a Netflix thriller should familiarise themselves with the original series.

The new world disorder is greeted with more equanimity in Scotland, a testing ground for the potential of identity politics in recession-hit economies. Across ten years, the SNP has concentrated power, stifled dissent, bullied opponents, and divided the country along a nasty dichotomy of nationalist vs unionist.

Much of the blame lies with Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first First Minister of any stature but also our first post-liberal…

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