Twitter Twaddle from an Ex (?) Yes voter

Elle's twitter musings

Twitter is a minefield for “normal” folk but throw in politics and everyone goes nuts. As a child growing up during the troubles in Ireland, I remember my school and the local Catholic school fighting. Why? Who knows! kids and some adults will find any difference as an excuse to fight others. By the time we were old enough to leave the school grounds at lunchtime, we used to walk along to the Catholic school and would talk to them on their lunchbreak. Of course me having to be different and not understanding why other people were supposedly different just for going to a different school, my first (proper) boyfriend was Catholic. I’ve never understood why people use religion/football/sexuality/skin colour to create division. I mean we all bleed the same right?

Then comes along the referendum in 2014. Yes I voted yes, yes I thought Scotland being able to vote…

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