When sickening Twitter cybersadnat trolls couldn’t manage to silence me, damage me, lie about me or get me suspended (all water off a duck’s back), or when their sock puppets cant get the accusations of trolling, stalking and gender victimisation to stick or bother me, they needed a new angle.

The one they came up with was attacking me by attacking and trying to harm my son Adam’s career. Adam is a clever lad, M.Sc. in Maths, studies in astro physics, extremely well read and self educated beyond the normal institutions. He’s now started a career in teaching.

Not that this abuse is a new idea for them, having posted my wifes picture online and threatened her my daughter and my son in the past.

Adam had a twitter account (never got involved much in my political stuff) and we followed each other. Adam also believed Scotland is best as part of the union, like me he voted No. He is his own man and we often have quite heated debates about politics and the world order, good old father & son stuff. What Adam is not, is a racist. He has some right wing views and over time I’ve seen him come from the left of me and go to the right of me, peoples views change over time, I’ve probably moved a little left in over 44 years of voting.

Adam called a prominent tweeter, Sunny Hundal, a “Brown Boy” this little exchange was in his twitter feed, the trolls found it and you would think they had found the answer to all their prayers (heh). I’ll leave you to search/check out Sunny’s time line, he likes a spat or two.


Sunny is fond of the phrase “White Boy” used in a derogatory fashion, so in my mind deserves all he gets.

The trolls thought this was good ammunition for their “twitter war” against me (and now the rest of the Sayers, @DrScotRef, @ScotsNat as was, constantly attempting to embarrass me using this tactic). The end result, after me explaining they had things, as usual,  completely out of context, was to carry on posting rubbish calling him a racist and saying that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Before long he was also accused of stalking women online (as I’m accused of) and of being a host of unconnected Twitter accounts. My accomplice in “Yoon terror” tweeting against poor defenceless nats for years apparently!

In a sinister, deplorable, but not an uncommon turn of events, Bill Brady (he’s on the troll list) decided to make it his business and task (egged on by others like @ScotsNat (@DrScotREf) and @RobbyCameron1) to try and contact Adam’s school (employer) to alert them they were employing a “racist” teacher. This he “accomplished” by compiling copious email lists and firing of some diatribe or other, first in Scotland the in the rest of the UK (it’s this level of hate and persistence that convinces me Bill is not well in the head and is a danger to himself his family and others).

Bill has gone on to say it was his life’s work to “finish Adam’s career.” To say I was not amused is an understatement. I am sure Bill has substantive mental problem, threatens people with violence and keeps publishing a warped blog full of lies, accusing everyone of being everyone else and guilty of some dark unionist plot or other. He publishes detailed personal elements on this blog, but nearly always the wrong details and for the wrong person.

Bill has made violent and stalking threats against me, my son and my daughter, plus many others, he’s some guy eh? “cream” of the cybersadnat crop.

Bill has had two police visits now, one for possible explosives issues after he posted production methods, another for stalking women on line, he is still creating new accounts and trying to publish his appalling blog. I very much think he will receive another visit, next time with some real consequences going beyond a search and a warning.

In typical Bill fashion he thinks I had something to do with the first visit, which is nonsense, I’ve never reported Bill to the police (yet). Bill sees me as someone with a vendetta against him, he also thinks I outed him as “Bill Brady” when he classed himself as “Cybernat Black Opps” under his @Sailor_Anon identity (one of his 25 trolls known to me) and that I somehow threatened his family.

Below is the tweet that prompted Adam to tweet with the words “brown boy,” you wont find the exchange now, as Adam took my advice and deleted his account, to prevent the cretins from affecting his career, I hated asking him to do it, but dad’s can be persuasive (beers owed).


Here’s Adam’s tweet to Sunny, I did have a word about the swearing, but if you search my timeline you will see that the cybersadnats and twitter have sometimes pushed me to use colourful language. (This tweet from @ScotsNat New Years Eve 2016)


Here you will see a tweet (date at the bottom) from September 16, bear in mind Adam’s tweet was April 16, with @ScotsNat encouraging “reporting” to his school, Bill was compiling and showing off his email list of Scottish schools at this time.


Its all part of the “get Sayers” conspiracy theory Nat gang, they “think I am every “yoon” on twitter, and any attempt to blacken/attack me is ok with them, idiots. See below for more of @DrScotREf’s lunacy (Adam would never run my account, I think there is definitely something wrong with the anonymous fool @DrScotRef’s head).


@ScotsNat, because he didn’t like my little blog and some pertinent home truths via twitter DM yesterday, when he tried to wriggle out of his actions, has now created his own blog to disparage Adam (who doesn’t give a fig and finds it amusing that a new account, @adamajsayers takes the pee out of him and his cronies. Heres my warning today (now deleted of course).


Here is his rubbish (if you want to read it) SCOTSNAT RAMBLINGS. As always, the puerile cybersadnats can crack on, nothing they can do or say will stop me from speaking the truth and providing facts and analysis to ensure we remain as the UK.

Scottish nationalism eh?