It’s a shame, again, that my main Twitter account has been suspended for the third time (it has also been locked for a period twice). I hope to be unsuspended before too long. (4 days, I’m back as at 07:51 25/Jan/17) – (suspended again 29/Jan/17) – as at Jan 18 seems my @SteveSayers1 account in permanent suspension.

The reasons for all my suspensions (and other temporary & permanent lockdowns)? A little cadre of small minded cybersadnats (who nearly all block me), who despise free speech opposing their POV and my tweeting of facts and logic opposing their cause for Scottish separation from the UK.

The first time was in March 2016 (I think I did well to escape until then) for 8 days for “violations of the Twitter Rules” they never did tell me which. I suspect mass Nat reporting was the cause. It was nice to get an apology.


The second time was October 2016 for 4 days, this time the reason was for “Creating serial and/or multiple accounts for disruptive or abusive purposes, or with overlapping use.”



To unlock the account I had to delete two unconnected accounts (multiple accounts ARE allowed by Twitter see   Adding & Managing Additional Accounts),  @SteveSayersTwee, a locked personal account created when my main account was first suspended – no political activity on it whatsoever – and @amBXGaming, an account that had my name attached and was a dedicated business/gaming account for computer game lighting. These two totally irrelevant and unconnected accounts are now defunct.

The third time was 22 January 2017 again for multiple accounts, it looks like the casualties this time will be;

@votingsnp SUSPENDED a little used parody account

@votestory SUSPENDED a little used Conservative Party support account.

@snpouter SUSPENDED an account created last time I was suspended to engage with my twitter friends, its original handle was @stevesayers0001.

These accounts were also used to view the troll accounts outpourings, as often the key reason for their blocking of me (and others) is so they can abuse and lie about people from behind that block, trolls need to understand there is no hiding place on twitter unless your account is locked down.



It is gratifying that this nasty little gaggle of cybersadnats (whom I am sure the majority of independence supporters are quietly and increasingly embarrassed about) are so incensed by my tweeting facts and logic, that they feel the need to harass, report, abuse, troll and do anything detrimental they can to try and shut me up (not happening)! They regularly deflect and accuse me of harassment, abuse and homophobia etc. As those people who know me understand, I am none of these things.

Here is a list (incomplete) of just some of the cybersadnat accounts (shame of the Yes movement) that have attacked, reported and abused me and my family, most are now suspended or deleted (list constantly updated);

@McGoldrickJa/@SayYesToIndy now another account which keeps its distance – original account now taken by someone else, currently @JohnCoy29071630.
@Widster, a poisonous violent republican, was @Sporan1314 with many bought followers (and others), now @KennyLogan15 and @ScotlandRab .
@JohnToms now RadioGuyGlasgow (and @ComediansForYes) Doxer (got it wrong)
@YESThatcherDead – now seems much more sensible
@Nobbyswizzle became @sonofnobby now @NorbertSwizzle calls me a paedophile repeatedly, dreadful wee troll.
Then there is the infamous Mark “Claire” Robertson of previously massive (false) followings (again on his latest) and certain high profile SNP followers and interactions, he’s had loads of viscious troll accounts. His latest is @Robbycameron1, others in the list below;

@Robbycameron1 Mark” Claire”Robertson
@robbycameronsc1 Mark”Claire”Robertson
@clairerobsc1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@Clairerob1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@clairerob91 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@stevencloud11 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@stevencloud12 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@ashortbread Mark “Claire” Robertson
@SNPOot Mark “Claire” Robertson
@ihatesayers Mark “Claire” Robertson
@stevekinross Mark “Claire” Robertson
@stevesayerss1 Mark “Claire” Robertson
@steveesayers1Mark “Claire” Robertson
@SteveSayersO Mark “Claire” Robertson

@Sailor_anon Bill Brady
@TheBillBrady Bill Brady
@Anon_Sailor Bill Brady
@votescotlab Bill Brady
@tehvlb Bill Brady
@Mrdavidtorrance Bill Brady
@Bill_Brady007 Bill Brady
@SuspendedBill Bill Brady
@fat_shady666 Bill Brady
@Watchingtrolls Bill Brady
@leakstwit Bill Brady
@sirbillbrady Bill Brady
@BrianGalloway0 Bill Brady
@KnowsBill Bill Brady
@Bill_Bow7 Bill Brady
@SteveBr44949075 Bill Brady
@republican_scot Bill Brady
@lovelydevlin Bill Brady (I might have this one wrong).
@chiefbully Bill Brady
@welldonedonna Bill Brady
@TrumpIsMad Bill Brady
@BillTheFinder Bill Brady
@ BillTheFinder2 Bill Brady

@WilliamBrady666 Bill Brady


@f_farquar ScotsNat
@pappalazzaroo ScotsNat
@SteveSayers0ne ScotsNat
@SteveSayers5 ScotsNat
@YoonProducts ScotsNat

@DrScotRef ScotsNat

@stevespinkhag used a bio pic (private) of my wife.
@teacheradamsayers (trolling my son and interfering with his teaching career).

…plus many other parodies. These accounts, and the ones I can’t remember, have between them carried out the following (I might not have indicated all of Bill’s accounts);

General abuse & severe ad hominem, threatened violence, posted private details, including my address and directorships, pictures of me, my family, my home, my business interests, attacked my son, a teacher, with false accusations of racism in an attempt to shut me up (Bill Brady has emailed many potential educational employers in an attempt to elicit a negative reaction and has vowed to “end” Adam’s career), posted fancy dress pictures of my wife and I with pathetic accusations of homophobia, texted and telephoned me from protected troll numbers, accused me of paedophilia and lying about me taking pictures up 13 year old girls skirts (ScotsNat reducing it to twelve recently). Creating at least four blogs in an attempt to blacken my name (and others who associate with me on twitter), accused me of being any number of other accounts – I really lose count – and which are nothing to do with me, these accounts are mainly accounts that also expose the Nat spin, lies & trolls.

These sick trolls accused my son (and still do) of being racist and trolling women on twitter, plus being the owner of multiple accounts for those purposes. He had one account with his picture, not anonymous, these trolls through false accusations, made it sensible for Adam to delete his account quickly to stop them contacting his school with lies in an attempt to damage him and through him me. Bill Brady was egged on by ScotsNat & others to email every school in the UK in an attempt to “finish his career” I wonder what the parents and children of these disgusting cybersadnats would think of them, if they saw the lengths they went to to silence political opponents?


Past masters of the sly lying subtweets, these anonymous multi trolls (this one below  is on the list), can’t resist defaming- never had a homophobic bone in my body as anyone who knows me can attest.


They are wasting their time & effort, every little viscious attack makes me more determined than ever to show them up for the despicable individuals that they are.

One particular reason for many of the attacks is my, and others, highlighting of the activities of one certain tweeter, he and his close cronies try everything they can to play down his appalling behaviour, see ALL ABOUT MARK “CLAIRE” ROBERTSON  for the avoidance of doubt, I did not write the original – now unavailable – blog, that exposed vile Mark.

It seems Yes voters also get abuse for highlighting genuine concerns AN (EX)? YES VIEW

As this twitter scenario develops I am delighted to see many of these trolls being shunned by genuine Yes supporters on twitter, perhaps not always openly, but certainly by blocking, muting and complaining (both openly and by DM’s). As long as the cybersadnat trolls associate with the Yes movement, I’m happy to see the damage they are doing to their own supposed cause.

However, as time moves on, I have been increasingly convinced many of these “characters” have a number of real & serious problems, a mix of mental, social and substance abuse issues that suggest anonymous twitter is just an outlet for them for what they are unable to display in real life for fear of serious consequences, sad people who probably need help. I hope they wake up soon and seek it, but I’m not holding my breath.

As you can imagine, whilst they will not shut me up, I will use whatever legal means necessary to thwart their pathetic attempts and fortunately twitter support can also be useful in this regard (website hosts are also usually helpful in resolving issues).


Watch this space, as I’m sure there will be more twitter frolics to come, especially as I expect to be tweeting until the Indyref nonsense is dead & buried. (Yup, I’m back now – update, nope gone again).

@SteveSayers1 posted 23/Jan/17 15:42

PS – Don’t get me started on the @WingsScotland block list and the idiots who use it without using their own brain – what they are effectively saying is “here, take my money, brainwash me with utter rubbish and tell me who I can speak to”

Update 1 – 11:00 24Jan/17 still suspended. Some interesting blog comments received, it seems to have agitated some anonymous cybernats, one is off doing his own blog specifically on me here SCOTSNAT BLOG.  I’ll just leave this picture here showing twitter’s response to suspension for multiple overlapping accounts, so, accusing me of running uncle tom cobbly and all’s accounts, just doesn’t wash.


Update 2 – 25/Jan/17 Well this just gets better, cybersadnats providing evidence on the fly – it seems if they can’t troll me on twitter for now, they will bring their abuse to WordPress.

Note 31/Jan 17 WordPress has asked me to remove an image with “sensitive” information, ie. the anonymous trolls false email addresses and false I.P address.

WordPress helpfully suggested that I can still publish this information (as the trolls do) by;

“If you would like to continue publishing this type of information, you are free to export your content and move it to a more appropriate WordPress host.


This included an email with the inclusion of sayersisapedofuku.

I can share privately if requested.

You couldn’t make it up really. Cybersadnats d*********r@*****.com j****y@*****.com & sayersis****o@fu* are anonymous trolls who seem a just a little peeved at their activities being exposed.

Seems I’m a “victim” for sharing the cybersadnats “carefully hidden” location and email information (troll accounts), I hope the “pair” of them are having a really lovely time “together” in the Netherlands (which is where two of them currently resolve to, or wherever their VPN takes them), perhaps they should invite their mate from Leeds over…….

Amusing, the trolls object to their false trolls email and VPN’d false location date being published – images removed at the request of WordPress.


Note this is at the instigation of the same trolls who carried out, aided & abetted the publication on WordPress and other web blogs & sites my personal business, address, email, phone number and family details.

Update 3 – 25/Jan/17 back up and running.

Update 4 – 26/Jan/17 Adam blog link added

Update 5 29/Jan/17 Suspended again

Update 6 – 31/Jan/17 Still suspended, Bill Brady back in another “incarnation” Trolls get WordPress to censor meaningless anonymous false emails, comments and rough “false” I.P. location maps. At least reducing their Twitter trolling for a while. I’m delighted they are taking so much time and effort to suppress my free speech. In vain of course, as they are well aware, Twitter accounts are 10 a penny.

Update 7 5/June/17 Still suspended, could be permanent, who knows. The trolls have continued their abuse and attempts at identifying and closing any twitter accounts they think might be me or associated with me. Some of the worst have retreated to muttering in the background and Bill continues to be  create new accounts to no purpose. The upcoming GE2017 has made these trolls decidedly nervous, I’m so looking forward to the angst they will display on Friday as the SNP lose seats, but more importantly, vote share.

I’m occasionally posting coffee gin and beers on a Twitter account specifically for that purpose (get it suspended if you want idiots, i’ll just set another up). I also have a “spy” account used only to see what the trolls are up to. I actually think they miss me, can’t stop talking about me – sad people. I’ll update if something changes.

Update 15/7/17 Let’s see what happens with a new “me” 😏


Update 16/7/17 Thanks for all the followers Twitter folks 😀. Over 350 in less than 24 hours. The cybersadnat trolls have of course been active, trolling, blocking and creating stupid accounts in an effort to intimidate and attack my message, sad people. Watch this space.

IMG_0767IMG_0770IMG_0771Widster not enjoying the new me account


Update 21/8/17 Still suspended on @SteveSayers1, now tweeting from @SteveSayersOne and watching the stupid attempts to parody and defame the account.

Thanks to those that have followed @SteveSayersOne, if you miss the Coffee & Gins, try follow @CoffeeSnaps

Another bit of twitter fun in the past week has been the Herald On Sundays’s “outing” of @SteveSayers1 as a shameful unionist troll – see the story here Herald Nonsense The Herald did not contact me and refuse to communicate, the editor even blocked me, pathetic.