Links re a Twitter YouTube Facebook and Gaming site troll who, to con, hid age and gender behind false images and the Yes banner:-

Mark regularly used this woman’s picture to masquerade as a woman
His account now displays “Marco Roberto”

Link number 1 tumbler
Link number 2 Scotsman
Link number 3 national
Link number 4 blog
Link number 5 Journal
Link number 6 Huffpost
Link number 7 LibDem Voice
Link number 8 blog
Link number 9 Twitter warning – note currently suspended for truth telling.
Link number 10 Blog

For a twitter resource see @CheckThisAllOut

Mark does not like his “story” being publicised – hence he employs trolling and other nefarious intimidation techniques to cast aspersions, I have received accusatory lies of  homophobia, paedophilia, had my personal details published and my accounts hacked and my phone called and texted. Mark and his small coven of cybersadnats (not representative of the Yes movement) are pathetic, he needs to examine his life and display genuine contrition and a full admission of guilt.

Below are a couple of his “blackening” lying tweets.

Mark lied and got vindictive when troll accounts were outed