Consultation on a Draft Referendum Bill (Ends midnight 11/01/17)

This was my question 1 response;

Highly unsatisfactory, there should be no second referendum for the foreseeable future, it would be unwarranted and unnecessary and ignoring the settled will of the Scottish people in what was supposed to be the “one opportunity” proposed by the SNP. All other comments are subject to this one.

There was NO clear SP16 manifesto mandate:- “should have the right” is definately not “will have the right.” This is SNP doublespeak, intentionally designed to suggest the SNP were retreating from separation on the back of the No vote, encouraging voters to vote SNP in the erroneous assumption that a second referendum was not on the cards.

Your forward comment re “the people of Scotland voted to remain in the EU” is factually incorrect, the UK EU referendum vote was a UK one and not a Scotland one. The ballot paper was quite explicit, not a mention of Scotland anywhere.

The ballot question should not be a simple yes or no, it should reflect the electoral commissions progress and thinking as per the EU referendum and it should be:
“Should Scotland remain a member of the United Kingdom or leave the United Kingdom” with Remain/Leave being the tick boxes.

Due to referendum fatigue and the knowledge that we will NOT be in the EU after a leave UK result, it is both fair and reasonable that both turnout and winning hurdles are introduced to ensure such a monumental decision (to leave the UK having already left the EU) has proven solid support. Not to do this will again increase harmful division in Scotland, no reputable government should subject its population to further increased levels of division and uncertainty that Indyref1 and the EU referenda has obviously produced.

The turnout should be no less than 75% (well below Indyref1) and the winning margin should be at least 10% to remove any doubt whatsoever that leaving would be the accurate and definative will of the Scottish people.

If the result is remain, it should therefore be a condition that the Scottish Government can NOT instigate another similar referendum for 20 years, to give stability back to Scotland and allow future Scottish Parliaments to focus on devolved matters and its extensive new powers via the Scotland Act 2016 to the benefit of Scotland .

Due to Brexit issues EU nationals not “permanently resident” ie. not British Citizens or not holding joint citizenship should not be allowed to vote.

Consultation closes on the 11/1/17

Update 4/7/17

After publishing the results immediately before summer recess it is evident that the consultation has not gone well.

ScotGov published a review as did ASP outlining general responses. There is no available quantitative or qualitative analysis on the detail. Yet a single comment from one respondent was highlighted, the analysis was appalling.

I will post some links below for your consideration, but take note, my response above, which was open named addressed etc, is not to be found.

Update 17/7/17, this will be interesting;

Screenshot 2017-07-17 13.46.25Screenshot 2017-07-17 13.46.44Screenshot 2017-07-17 13.47.11

Meanwhile, support for the SNP and separation continues to dwindle. Spot the yellow.


8 thoughts on “Consultation on a Draft Referendum Bill (Ends midnight 11/01/17)

  1. So…fearing the high probability that the Independence vote will win…let’s shift the goalposts….both in question and percentages….and think up ridiculous reasons for actually doing so… 😉 good luck with that…see you on the other side of Independence…


    1. No doubt you have made your representations to the consultation, these were mine.
      This is not a football game, this is the future of 6 million people and their descendants, it needs very careful thought and an appreciation of recent history.
      If anything like the useless white paper is used as justification, if there is another one, then the result is a foregone conclusion, we would decide to stay as the UK.


      1. Given who will look at the results of this consultation….and decide the way forwards afterwards…I think am more likely to be the happy one…and your changing of the goalposts and trying to muddy the water with your convoluted question will not be adopted…

        As for the importance of this and how it will effect 5 million people…if WM really cared about us…democratically…economically…socially…it wouldn’t treat us like it does…even the Scotland Bill is a ham fisted attempt to get the Scottish Government to hang itself politically…it is not a genuine attempt at given autonomy to a nation within a union…that it claims is an equal partner…you do not care anymore about this country or it’s people that I…

        If all that it…and you and other Unionists…claim about this glorious union was true…then we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation…


  2. “yetanotherindygobshite” In that by now infamous tweet ( ), John Mason (who may be better informed than yourself regarding “The National Survey”), also stated that “Marginal view was no to indy.”!


    “You” lost IndyRef1;
    In the VAST majority of polls, You lose
    You’re own National Survey shows that You lose

    I take it you’re all trying the Robert the Bruce solution – ad infinitum, as nauseum ; Meanwhile Scotland, with a Separatist Administration ignoring everything apart from their prime directive, continues to fail (economy, health, EDUCATION etc)…


  3. No more referendums for independence ,in 2014 I voted no and I will vote no again
    SNP are incompetent of running Scotland , .


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