I agree or understand with the bulk of that very clear blog post.

Da Masked Avenger


A fortnight ago a community meeting convened by the Rotherham Muslim Community Forum Alliance (RMCFA) voted to demand that Muslim organisations cut all lines of engagement with South Yorkshire Police. The action was taken in response to their alleged failure to tackle the rise in Islamaphobic abuse in the wake of the Rotherham child grooming scandal. For its part the police acknowledged the alarming rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes but impressed the need for constructive dialogue with community leaders in order to more effectively combat it. In the event the proposed boycott was called off two days later after emergency talks brokered by the local Labour MP, Sarah Campion, yielded an agreement between the two sides to work together to resolve the concerns raised by the community.

The sad truth is that everybody in Rotherham shoulders a part of the blame for what transpired there over a period of over…

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