IMG_4852#SNPOut is the hashtag of choice for unionists who want to tactically see off the threat of SNP ascendancy on 7th May 2015, which some polls have suggested might see their seats increase from six to 40. I suspect this is another case of SNP premature speculation.

The main parties are all saying, as you would expect, vote with your principles, vote traditionally, vote for who you want to win. For many that principled decision has another darker dimension, the SNP’s ignoring of their loss of last Septembers referendum grates, making many sure the principle of stopping the SNP is of the highest order, putting country (the UK) before party – which might just be the most principled thing a unionist can do. It is amazing to see on social media people who are Labour voting for Tory and vice versa, united in their opposition of all the diviseivness SNP stand for. How can a party dedicated to the destruction of the UK, who only persuaded 38% of their followers to vote Yes, represent the Scottish majority or the UK? they can’t and they would not.

The facts are that non of the economic and strategic concerns that mitigated against separation have changed, some like oil have got worse. The SNP have ignored pre Indyref critique of White Paper lunacy, forgotten about currency union issues, debt share and repayment, interest rates, the EU etc., all still reasons why separation will never work. Latest GERS and the preposterous double counting FFA continue to show that the SNP grasp on economics is tenuous at best.

Some from left (surprisingly) and right have stated that if the UKIP candidate was best placed they would get their vote, and from the tone I believe them. I don’t vote UKIP, but I would to deny the SNP a seat if their candidate had the best chance of defeating the SNP one. The point and concept is that a UK Government is for five years only, separation is forever, no going back!

You might ask is tactical voting likely to happen? Well it’s certainly causing a stir and being discussed heavily on line and in the media, press and TV, plus it seems to have the nationalists in a bit of a tizzy if the noise and vicious ad hominem attacks are anything to go by. They can not leave twitters @SNPOut alone and constantly try and provoke a negative reaction. They see the real threat that tactical voting presents.

Twitter accounts @SNPOut (now suspended to to mass nat attacks) and Facebook accounts like SNPOut and Scotland’s Big Voice, act as social media fulcra similar to the BT umbrella during Indyref, they appear to be genuine grass roots movements with no political allegiances even though nationalists accuse them of being paid for stooges. They use updated tables and graphics showing voters who to vote for in each constituency and the reasons why it must be done. Main stream media has been picking up on this grass roots movement and the momentum seems to be building, tactical voting is no longer seen as unprincipled or disloyal, but as principled, strategic and crucial.

There are a couple of constituencies that stand out for significant reasons. There is Perth where Pete Wishart is the standing SNP MP, who has earned the approbrium of unionists for increasing division and coining the derogatory “naw bags” label. The vote there is Tory as they have, according to the stats, the best choice of ousting him. More importantly there is Gordon, where Salmond is standing to get his voice heard in Westminster, this is unthinkable for No voters, so watch the Lib Dems, seen as front runners, give him a bloody nose and second big defeat (please). As the election date looms, watch for more analysis and calculation of the best unionist candidates to minimise SNP gains.

“Westminster governments are for five short years and separation is forever”. No voters are incensed that the vow was made in the first place, unhappy that the SNP think it was not enough and positive that as long as the SNP retain clause 2 of their constitution they will never abandon their cause of separating Scotland from the rest of the UK, at disastrous cost to our economy, family, influence and standing.

If separatists think they can exit the UK while at the same time spending more to create their single state utopia, they are letting jaundiced heart rule brainwashed head and would walk us into decades of austerity.

Add to No voting unionists concerns the massive “surge” in SNP members, many of whom are not natural SNP voters and the picture gets very divisive (not sure how many are £12 £5 or £2 members) and helps explain the focus on tactical voting. Active Nats are saying unionists should cease talking about the referendum, accept it was No and move on, get on with life and each other. Not a chance, trust of Nats has completely gone, from the talk of UDI from SNP leadership (via the Hydro SNP rally and SNP conference speeches), it is evident separation is permanently at the top of the agenda, check the SNP constitution (short and dictatorial) for confirmation. How is it that after a once in a lifetime/generation opportunity (vocalised by both SNP FM’s) to abide by the settled will of the Scottish people, the SNP have totally and insolently dismissed the majority of Scots? 62% of us did NOT vote Yes.

Only 38% of voting Scots wanted separation and voted Yes, you would think it was the other way round, Nats act like they were robbed, many say the vote was rigged, that the elderly were cowards, and when shown evidence to the contrary either ignore it or call it lies. The hard core of separation at any cost is alive and kicking and the majority who voted No want a way to end the horrendous division caused by the independence vote. Tactical voting and #SNPOut is the means.

Update 8/May2015 – Ah well, better luck next time 😜

Update 6/June/2016 – #SNPOut is alive and kicking as a movement again, this time some political commentators are saying perhaps 20% of us might employ tactical voting.

The separatists lost vote share in Holyrood and more so in the 2017 local elections. It is evident ten years of SNP failure and incompetence with regard to key elements, particularly education, have taken the shine off the SNP. Brexit has stirred the pot and as many as 25% of SNP voters are unhappy that they might be dragged back in to the EU on less favourable terms than the UK’s.

Sturgeon’s popularity has slipped into negative for the first time and her sly “mandate” for Indyref2 and refusal to rule out a third, even if the second is lost, is turning soft SNP voters off. Unlike last time anti SNP parties are quietly encouraging tactical voting and the rise of the Scottish Tories has the Nats well rattled.

It’s game-on on Thursday this week as tactical voting will, this time, play a more pivotal role in both reducing vote share AND seats for the SNP – personally I’m looking forward to staying up and watching the two sitting Perthshire SNP MP’s losing their seats #SNPOut