James Naughtie interviews Nicola Sturgeon.

In front of an audience comprised of female Scottish lawyers (thanks to Tod’s Murray) Sturgeon answers questions for 35 minutes on the key independence issues. The link to watch the full video is here http://thinkandtalkwithtods.com/2014/03/26/tods-women-in-business-network-speak-with-nicola-sturgeon/ and I would advise everyone to watch it, no matter their current views. What follows is my personal view, your view may differ.

In synopsis I was underwhelmed, then agitated then annoyed at her ability to waffle on the biggest major issue facing the Scottish people (and the rest of the UK) for centuries excluding wars.

Her opening gambit was I do not want to start on a negative note but…
She then goes on to state the objective of independence is to wrest the levers of power from the Union. These “tools” would be used to increase Scotland’s wealth, competitiveness and to share that wealth more equally. No specifics on how.

She mentions150k Scottish children living in “relative” poverty, a nice standalone social soundbite. She should read this http://www.jrf.org.uk/publications/referendum-briefing-child-poverty-scotland

She then admits that an independent Scotland will make mistakes and that it will be difficult, is keen to point out that independence is not a single issue, that all issues are thorny and that nothing is clear cut, have faith basically, “trust us” is her mantra.

She admits that we are all democrats in the UK but gaining independence is about democracy, at this stage my temperature is rising at her paradoxical oxymoron.

She states it’s only common sense that we will get a currency union, EU & NATO membership, Naughtie was effectively asleep at this point.

As always, it comes back to money. She states again that we will get CU, admits it’s a negotiation, repeats the threat of debt abandonment, defers to fiscal commission for currency alternatives and witters on, insisting CU will happen. Naughtie asks “should the rest of the UK have a vote on CU”? 5 cue minutes of waffle, I’ll paraphrase – “No.” I think she was squirming a lot though.

To sum up her whole argument – “We will achieve our objectives post a Yes vote as it’s all just common sense, have faith, trust us”. No thanks.

Please watch it for yourself and share it.

Steve Sayers Voting No to waffle and hope