Why No means Yes and Yes means No


Do you want to leave one of the most successful and democratic influential nations in the world?
Do you want our kids to be considered foreign and disadvantaged due to restricted access to UK opportunities?
Do you want to have to reapply for membership of all the international organisations that we already belong to – EU UN NATO?
Do you want to join the UK in a currency union, ceding sovereignty to a foreign country with no policy say ?
Do you want higher government borrowing?
Do you want higher government borrowing costs?
Do you want higher mortgage costs?
Do you want to to see supermarket food prices rise?
Do you want to stop using/printing Scottish £notes?
Do you want weakened immigration controls leading to border controls?
Do you want to join the EU which means adopting the Euro, meaning any currency union is either impossible or extremely costly and restrictive?
Do you want EU entry conditions to be less favourable than the UKs?
Do you want as a smaller economy to duplicate the expensive machinery of government and civil service, armed forces, passports, driving licences etc?
Do you want to pay for separate embassies around the world?
Do you want a massive pension time bomb due to ageing population?
Do you want a massive pension black hole due to EU pension border controls?
Do you want the tax regime significantly changed when as a devolved parliament we never used existing powers?
Do you want to lose our share of UK VAT?
Do you want a new social framework while promising spending increases, dropping landing charges, receiving reducing oil receipts, keeping triple pension lock and benefits cap?
Do you want to take our share of the UK debt at higher cost?
Do you want a poorer international credit rating?
Do you want to give up the most versatile passport in the world?

If you have not said Yes to most of these crucial questions, then be extremely positive, vote No. No is Yes for unity, fiscal strength, security, belonging, shared risk and reward, influence and partnership.

Steve Sayers Voting no for a positive future.



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