Vote Yes for a brighter future? If only that were true, at least if we separated there would be an upside.

I am sick of all this ‘separatism is a brighter future for our children’, I don’t see it like that at all. Its another Yes campaign double negative question “don’t you want a brighter future”? Of course I do, but not by secession from the rUK.

Give me some proof, plus costed data, that we will all be better off as a small new state with currency problems, debt problems and no support from the family and support mechanism we will have totally rejected forever. Show me how you will fund the triple lock on pensions, reduce landing charges (no wonder airlines are happy) and all the other giveaways promised. How will we deal with bank debt, a massive issue compared to GDP, not a squeak! These are complex financial and economic issues that are not being addressed, the white pap(er) is worse that useless and not read by the vast majority of Yes or No voters.

Each issue that comes up to demonstrate the folly of separatism is dismissed as scare-mongering, bullying, negativity, media bias, not once is there a considered public response. “We will have a currency union even if rUK does not want it” “We will be in the EU even if they say we cant” its all loud bluff and bluster to drown out the point with nationalist fervour, until the next reasoned pro union argument comes along. Its NOT up to pro Unionists to prove the case for our Union, that’s here and now with a proud history and we live it. The case for independence is far from proven and time is running rapidly out, deaf dumb and blind politics that ignore fiscal reality will drive us to ruin. No matter which way the vote goes, we will likely be picking up the pieces of division for a long time.

If we are daft enough to vote for secession, we will have the biggest most bruising fiscal negotiation on our hands, ever. To think the rUK will lie down and play nice during those negotiations is living in fantasy land. Why on earth would they? Our leaving would really hurt and diminish them on the world stage, we would pay a very heavy price and Salmond’s disdain of WM will come back and bite our backsides big style, while he writes his memoirs and retires leaving us to deal with the aftermath. It’s not like letting the gym membership lapse, its a one time no return no refund deal, like birth and death.

We have had tax varying powers for years, not used, why not? Waiting for secession? In the meantime free elderly care, free tuition, free prescriptions, free this free that. I wonder if that’s a political softening up to the less politically aware among us? The latest GERS shows the obscuration that Salmond throws around.

Separatists use all the upbeat buzz words to denigrate the supporters of the current Union and our progress within it; undemocratic, lie, anti-Scottish, lie, run by WM, half lie, we are all democratically run by WM – the elected parliament of the one United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. We also have the unique (very expensive don’t forget) Scottish devolved Parliament in Edinburgh. I am not blinkered, not un-adventurous, brainwashed, anti Scottish, a bully, uneducated, extreme right wing or any of the other words of opprobrium cast at unionists, I am a concerned Scottish voter who thinks I am being short changed with inadequate answers from secessionists. Until I get some, and I’m pretty confident I won’t, I shall be voting No and encouraging everyone I come into contact with to do the same.

Steve Sayers