Scottish Separation (because it cant be a real economic Independence) sucks.


Because It’s based on small-minded anti-establishment rhetoric lacking proper economic planning, too many unanswered questions (such as currency union/EU/Uni fees/UN/Nato), lack of historic perspective, plus a complete blind spot to the benefits the union has brought Britain (including Scotland) from and since the act of union, including the increase in opportunity, health and education for all.

Separatists want to keep all the best bits, pick and choose, attempting to have their cake and eat it, no to that! I want my UK pension, British Passport (on-going UK citizenship) and driving license and a £ Sterling with a solid lender of last resort, and definitely no damaged Euro!

The future wealth of iScotland is predicated on oil, with wildly variable and reducing revenues (split not agreed), an unquantified un-negotiated national debt, big un-costed spending promises, big businesses potentially leaving, an ageing population, plus a very high percentage of the workforce employed directly, or indirectly, by the public purse (tax payer). These quango jobs are essentially none wealth creating.

If we want to live in a high tax, high spend, moribund, internationally indebted economy, go ahead and vote Yes, I hope your kids and wallet forgive you in twenty years time. All this “leap of faith” stuff is lemming like in the extreme, old quote “its the economy stupid”.

I am utterly fed up with separatists/secessionists/recessionists saying those of us who wish to preserve the union and its benefits are; feart, short-sighted, unpatriotic, anti-Scottish, Westminster lackeys, Tory b*st*rds and all the other vile opprobrium chucked our way. Scotland has been very well and often over represented in Westminster, almost throughout the Union’s history. We should abide by parliamentary democracy.

Separatists are myopic insular parochial nationalist bullies with no real grasp of the wider economic reality, they have no sense of loyalty to our Union which brought us to our relative prosperity and standing today.
“look, we are possibly a bit rich” they say, “lets leave the union cos we don’t like how the rUK votes” “we can’t get our politicians in Gov as UK majority, so the system is wrong, undemocratic” “we don’t want bedroom tax, we’re off”

What a pile of selfish rubbish. #Indyref was a mistake from the day the SNP got elected. For goodness sakes READ the white paper and see it’s all a pile of nonsense!

Fortunately, poll of polls continues to show we will not vote for separation, the yes vote stuck on 33% since the referendum date announced. Roll on September and let’s hope the wounds and bitterness of division can heal after this shambles of misinformation from separatists. One United Kingdom, one man one vote, one British people.

Steve Sayers




2 thoughts on “Scottish Separation (because it cant be a real economic Independence) sucks.

  1. One word: Denmark. I invite you to search Google and look up the stat (from serious organizations like the World Bank and the United States’ CIA) and see where little, cold, surrounded-by-water, split up with Norway and Iceland DENMARK is on the economic rankings compared with the UK. Then, I invite you to look at any of a number of series studies that have been conducted to measure “happiness” of the residents of countries (based on a wide variety of factors) and see where Denmark ranks vs. the UK. (Hint — Denmark wins in every single chart I’ve seen, on both counts).

    DENMARK. You’re going to tell me the Scots aren’t as smart as the DANES?

    And, you’re really going to tell me that Scotland can’t make independence work because the English keep saying it won’t? Because the English keep saying oh, there will be no trade and no passports and no EC membership and that load of …pig swill?

    Consider this: the Republic of Ireland is doing just fine. In fact, they have a brisk trade with the UK, workers and students go back and forth on a regular basis, enjoying the commerce, education and employment each has to offer the other…and I DO believe that Ireland and England had a little bit of a tense relationships stretching back hundreds of years…war, terrorism, you know — things like that, which hasn’t been the case with Scotland. Yet, the “no” camp will actually try to argue that England will cut off trade with Scotland, right on their border, and their #1 trading partner?

    I rather think the whole idea is ridiculous.

    If you don’t like the SNP and its policies, then vote them out, start a new party, introduce new policies — guess what? Once Scotland in independent, the Scots will be able to Do ALL of that…and do it without begging for permission from London.

    Grow up, grow a spine, stop drinking the poison England has been feeding Scots for centuries about being “substandard” — seize the day and the opportunity and get ON with it!


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