How do you answer that without looking churlish and anti-Scottish? Answer Yes and the Separatists gloat. Answer No and they become a rabid pack howling with rage.

It is of course a well crafted separatist trick oxymoronic question, crafted so that if we answer No, we are immediately discounted and derided (not that we denigrate our fellow Scots abilities anyway), we have had many influential Scottish UK political leaders and ministers.

If we answer Yes, Scots can/could govern Scotland best, then we are, rightly, ridiculed for supporting the union.

Do not worry about this no win trap question.

My answer is “I don’t need or wish to answer it in a yes/no fashion”. “My view is I prefer to remain part of the UK governed by a democratically elected parliament from all corners of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, backed by the union of crowns 400 years ago and parliaments 300 years ago, founded on our shared culture, language, united history and achievements. Transitory political leanings are historically irrelevant, we are well represented in our UK parliament”

A very long but full, and hopefully accurate/acceptable answer to all supporters of the union.

Only the UK can govern the UK the best, no one can argue that.

If there was no UK… then of course only Scots could govern Scotland best, but that’s not our shared reality, where we are in 2014 or where we have come from.

The UK, including Scots, can govern the UK and Scotland the best on behalf of us all. Let’s not forget we have a tax varying devolved Scottish Parliament already (taxation powers not used yet) , without the risk and diminishment separatism would undoubtably bring.

Project Fear – the case for no. Let’s own it.

Separatists had a good emotional start, they got to use the positive “Yes” word as a rallying label. YesScotland etc.

Those of us who don’t want to be removed from the Union have had to settle for the very negative “No”. “Better Together” at best a good workaround. Psychologically that “no” puts the status quo position on the backfoot, it’s always more positive to say yes, it feels negative to say no.

A solid unemotional case for separation has yet to be made. One with critically acceptable costed plans and a clear vision for our then small independent new state. The white pap(er) is almost translucent on un-spun detail, it unbelievably details no risks! We have not properly torn it to shreds, it’s almost history now! (note to all, revisit hard please).

So, when people ask hard questions about the economy, currency, UN, EU defence, Education, NATO – they are seen as negative, putting obstacles in the way of freedom and a bright shiny separatist (highly speculative) future, we are scare-mongering when we warn about serious downside risks. And, because there are so many drawbacks and serious risks, the separatists puff up their chest in indignation and call it scare tactics and bullying.  Some stupid BT bod coined the term “Project Fear”, it was seized on by separatist and stuck, but let’s not duck it, many of us are genuinely afraid of separatism under a left wing regime based on anti-unionist bile. We should rightly warn the undecided of the evident dangers and consequences of voting to separate on a tide of baseless emotional nationalism.

We are proud of Scotland and the Scots, we are proud of our contribution and place in this brilliant Union, envied the world over, a world leader that has punched way above its weight since our separate parliaments agreed to extinguish themselves and form a single new parliament over 300 years ago.

When time and again Salmond’s steps to separation are torn down, we are told we are bullying, trying to smother and frighten a new Scotland freeing itself from the shackles of the UK. Tell people ITS NOT TRUE! No bullying involved, we are legitimately outlining the reality and risks, the fear is owned by those who don’t want to listen to an alternative view to theirs.

We all want the best for Scotland and the UK, so yes, I want the undecided voters to be concerned, fully briefed on the huge risks and pitfalls of separation. If I’m labelled part of “Project Fear”, so be it, I accept it, own it and think its a legitimate alternate view to rose tinted “freedom” specs.

Why leap off a cliff with no safety net when we already have freedom, democracy and a prominent place in the world as part of the family of the United Kingdom of a Great Britain & Northern Ireland?

Yes voters and the undecided, you should definitely be frightened of what Salmond is proposing. Without more costed detail we will travel the path to disaster for Scotland.

Steve Sayers