Video: Saudi cleric claim toddlers who don’t wear jihab pose temptation


The Muslim Issue

Even small children are accused as the fault of Muslim male savagery.


Archival – Saudi Cleric Abdullah Daoud: Girls Should Wear the Hijab from the Age of Two

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi cleric Sheik Abdullah Daoud, which aired on Al-Majd TV and was posted on the Internet on April 1, 2012:


Sheik Abdullah Daoud: The prevalent custom among Muslims of the countries of East Asia is to make girls start wearing the hijab in the second year of their lives. This has motivated us to compete with them, and we will start our girls wearing the hijab even earlier.

We should not consider this to be without precedent. In many countries, in East Asia, for example, Muslims are distinguished by their hijabs and the hijabs of their daughters. Some of these countries have more than one religion.

Let me say to the viewers: We…

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