Friends of Syria

With Saudi-backed takfiris controlling Iraq’s Anbar province and the adjoining areas in Syria, it has become clear that their medieval sponsors want to create Takfiristan in this region.

The Geneva conference on Syria produced little of substance. This was expected; few harbored any illusions that it would produce any breakthroughs or result in ending the suffering of the Syrian people. The reason is simple: not only are the two sides very far apart, but the so-called Syrian opposition is made up of an odd assortment of opportunists that have no support inside Syria. Their foreign sponsors, however, have other plans. Geneva was a sideshow.

The real struggle is going on inside Syria and now increasingly in Iraq as well. A quick glance at the map would show that the foreign, primarily Saudi-backed mercenaries in Syria and Iraq occupy crucial space in both countries that could form the borders of a…

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