Agree with whole article. what’s worse is there seems no censure On Mohammed Shafiq from, in my view, incitement to violence on Maajid.

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A t-shirt is not usually newsworthy. When it depicts The Prophet Mohammed saying “How ya doing?” from the Jesus and Mo cartoon it has legs. When the story has intrigue, personal rivalry, politics and religion thrown in it runs and runs.

The Jesus and Mo t-shirt hit the news this autumn when two LSE students of the atheist, secular and humanist society wore them; they were ejected from the student fair where university societies try to attract new members. Their appeal against being marched out escorted by security was upheld with an apology given. Hurt sensibilities did not trump their freedom of speech, a no brainer conclusion to reach at a top English University which had to think about whether free debate should be tolerated on campus.

In this new year the same two students, Chris Moos and Abhishek Phadnis, appeared on BBC’s The Big Question to discuss the…

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